Pavel Berky, Slovak native, who will be the lead show organiser.

Naturally, we will be delighted to welcome back successful designers of collections from the first year in 2019, for instance: Katerina Lankova from New York who works with stars of the American rap music scene like Missy Elliott or Lil Kim, Kristina Oganesian, originally from Armenia, Mirka Horká, the lead designer of the internationally recognised wedding dress brand Crystal Bride, Petr Kalouda, Tatiana Kovaříková, Helena Havelková, Jakub Polanka, Monika Drápalová, Werso - Jiřina Matoušková and others.

This is just a handful of widely recognised names in the fashion business world who we are in touch with and who are happy to support this unique project.

We are very ambitious and strict in our selection process. All names of collection authors and brands will be announced gradually.