What are we?

We are an original fashion festival that will help you get in the spotlight.

In our events we like to give room to the rising stars of the fashion sky next to household names of the industry.

Through our support for local, fresh and innovative designers we want to bring more diversity in the otherwise fairly closed and exclusive world of fashion.

Who are we?

We are a young agency, jam-packed with industry professionals with years of experience. We look at fashion from the wider perspective. We give it a story. We are those who never get old.

Why are we doing it?

Let us admit the ancient fact that clothes make the man. What one wears is important as much as what they carry inside and what they radiate.

Beauty, good taste, and personality are essential, and we should learn to make the right impression also through our appearance.

Everything is connected, we believe our work is meaningful and we love what we do.