Due to the current everchanging situation we are prepared for the possibility of having to stream our events.

Online Fashion Shows will include all planned events of TFW 2021 and in selected cases there will be live streaming. All our activities will be recorded and shared through the media. Better and more accessible scenario for sponsors. Online space will allow us to provide the rewatch option. We will also create a TFW archive.

Short adverts, possible advertising on the website, Facebook, TV media etc. before the live stream. Similar principle of recording and streaming of designers-related content will be applied with minor changes to the sponsors’ content in shopping centres.

We will find a particular venue but short adverts from fittings or rehearsals may be shot in real retail spaces, art studios or boutiques. Event will be moderated in cooperation with brand representatives. Best fashion collections can be featured at the gala. The audience award can also include shopping centre brands. Along with the live streams we will open another audience judged competition of 5 designers who will be at the gala.